At Vincent Mardesich, DDS, we offer a variety of services to care for your mouth. If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can care for your teeth and mouth, please contact us today.

Crowns – A crown covers your tooth to help restore its original shape and size. A tooth can lose its normal shape and size for a variety of reasons. Weather that may be due to the loss may be due to decay, the need to protect weak teeth or to restore broken or discolored teeth. Crowns can also be used to make teeth stronger and look better. A crown requires a two appointment process. The first appointment consists of preparing the teeth for crowns and the second appointment is the seating and cementation of the crown.

Bridges – Bridges can be used to solve the issue of missing teeth. Bridges are a fixed prosthetic device that is cemented to existing teeth. They are commonly used to cover a space of one or more missing teeth. Bridges are often used to improve your smile, shape and dental occlusion. Bridges can last a lifetime depending on your oral hygiene.

Fillings – Dental fillings are used to treat dental cavities and repair cracked, chipped or in some cases broken teeth. Fillings are done with a composite material. They are designed to match the color of your natural teeth. They give your teeth a natural look. In some cases patients may require inlays, onlays to restore the tooth if the tooth needs more than a filling, but not damaged enough to be a crown. Composites filing can also be useful for cosmetic improvements.

Dentures – Dentures are custom made replacements for missing teeth. They are a common removable appliance. Our office does provide both services complete dentures for patients who have all missing teeth and partial dentures for patients who have some missing teeth. Dentures are a good solution to help prevent facial muscle sagging and provide a natural look to your appearance and smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry – A beautiful smile is one of the most sought out features in cosmetic dentistry. People from all backgrounds and professions want a whiter, straight smile; we can help make that happen. Whether through minor enhancements or major enhancements cosmetic dentistry aims to help people feel good about the way they look. There are many procedures that can help improve your smile such as discoloration, chips, gaps or irregularities. Common options include bonding, veneers, zoom bleaching, reshaping and or crowns or bridges.

Veneers – Veneers are a custom made thin shell that is customized and designed out of porcelain for the front surface of your teeth. They are bonded permanently to your teeth. Veneers can be used in several ways such as in changing the color, shape, size and length of your teeth. They can be used in several different cases for teeth that are worn down, chipped or broken or in some cases root canalled teeth. In many cases people have veneers done just to brighten up their smile.

Teeth Whitening – One of the most common desires patients request is brighter whiter teeth. There are several different routes that can be taken to achieve these goals. When considering your options it is important to consult with your dentist to see which option works best for you. You may be able to achieve your goal with patient take home bleaching kit. The kit consists of customized bleaching trays along with melon flavored bleach. There is also our in house Zoom bleaching which is done with our advanced LED blue light. With the zoom bleaching you can achieve up to eight shades lighter.

Extractions – An extraction is required when a tooth has too much damage, decay or infection the tooth may not healthy enough to restore. In cases like this the tooth requires an extraction. In simple cases the Dr will perform an extraction and in more difficult cases the Dr will refer you to an Oral Surgeon.